Do YOU what to be RICH??

( well, like HELLO!!, of course you do😀 )

The dictionary lists many definitions of the word RICH.
And only one of them refers to actual money.
So you can see that RICH is something to aspire to in all areas of your life.

Imagine what your life would look like if you had EVERYTHING you dreamt off.

And by everything, I really mean “EVERYTHING”  Not just material things  but your dream “everything”

Imagine how IMPROVED and different your life would be.

Instead of having to try SO hard to make everything happen on your own, you would simply get clear about what you wanted and then attract it into your life.

What dream would you choose to create if, in just a few weeks from now, you had mastered this invaluable life skill?

Would you create…

a fulfilling relationship so you can live happily ever after?

that stunning car you’ve been dreaming of?

a perfect beachside or country home?

enough money to allow you to do “whatever” – “whenever”?

You CAN have all these things and more. I can teach you how to make it your reality in an easy to follow step by step process that will see you Rise to RICH.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome!! Start Here...
    • What is Rise to RICH all about?
    • Who am I?
  • 2
    Starting at the Beginning.
    • Starting at the beginning.
    • RISE Audit -Current Life Level Work sheet
    • RISE Plan
    • RISE Plan - Workbook
    • Now what?
  • 3
    Chapter 1: R - Restrictions of your Mind
    • Introduction
    • What is "Rich" and why we convince ourselves we are not worthy.
    • Blocks, Sabotages & Excuses
    • Lack of Direction
    • The Underdog
    • Slaying the Underdog.
    • Fear of Failure
    • Fear of Failure Worksheet
    • Fear of Success
    • Fear of Success Worksheet
    • The "I Can't" or "I am not Good Enough"
    • The "I Can't" Worksheet
    • The Conservative "Maybe"
    • Goal Setting
    • S.M.A.R.T Goal Worksheet
    • Wrap Up.
  • 4
    Chapter 2: I - Inside your "Rich" Story
    • Introduction
    • Your Rich Stories
    • Money Language - Worksheet
    • Forgotten Fortunes
    • Wealth Tracking and Planning
    • Spending Planner
    • Creating your New Baseline
    • Falling Head over Heels in "Rich"
    • My Perfect Day
    • Reminders and Bedding the Dream Down Tight.
    • Warning!!! Beware of Other People.
    • Wrap Up
  • 5
    Chapter 3: C - Creating Practices
    • Introduction
    • Declutter
    • Daily Planning.
    • Check your Baseline.
    • Wrap Up
  • 6
    Chapter 4: H- Heart & Soul
    • Be - Do - Have
    • RICH Foundations
    • Gratitude.

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