Are You Frustrated By The Fact That It Seems Like Everybody Else Can Get Everything Done But You Seem To Be Drowning?

I know it sounds crazy because you're probably even doubting it can even happen, because despite the fact that you want to have a productive life you also might think it is just not meant to be.... which is holding you back.


And with all that going on in your head, Getting $#!T Done seems like a pipe dream at this point.


Hi, I'm Sue Josephson and I know exactly how you feel because I went through the same struggles you're going through right now.


I felt the same way for years, I was reading all these books, and trying all these different approaches to work out how to fit it all in and stay sane. 


It felt like I was on a roller coaster, and it was so darn stressful…


 But then I found the secret and it changed my life forever!


So right now, I'm going to share with you EXACTLY how YOU can Get $#!T Done in just 5 days …

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Now, I know what you're thinking... 

 "But Sue, I've wasted time and money on productivity books / products / courses, and they didn't do a thing."

or "I just don't know where to start."

 or "I've tried a bunch of productivity stuff before, and nothing worked."

I know all you want to know is, “How the heck do I actually know where to begin, so I Get $#!T Done and   finally feel in control of my life?" 

The simple system I have created leads to a productive life in just 5 days! 

 It's called "Getting $#!T Done" and it was specifically designed for women who want to manage their task lists and finally GET $#!T DONE!! 

 A few years ago, I was in your exact same situation, always busy and seemingly nothing to show for it...but then I worked out how to Get $#!T Done and it changed everything.

I’ve broken the entire how to Get $#!T Done process down for you 1 step at a time... 

That means,  with the Getting $#!T Done course, you're able to know where to begin, know that it is possible and not a pipe-dream, and start feeling better about life easier, faster, and with more confidence than you could any other way! 

So what are you waiting for, click the button below right now and claim your spot in the Getting $#!T Done course

Get started now - $7

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Day 1
    • Day 1 – Clearing the Decks
    • Day 1 - Workbook
    • Wrap up
  • 2
    Day 2
    • Day 2– Goals
    • Day 2 -Workbook
    • Wrap Up
  • 3
    Day 3
    • Day 3 – Dealing with Time Thieves
    • Day 3 - Workbook
    • Wrap Up
  • 4
    Day 4
    • Day 4 – Time for Continued Action
    • Day 4 - Workbook
    • Wrap Up
  • 5
    Day 5
    • Day 5 – Productivity Practice
    • Day 5 - Workbook
    • Wrap Up
  • 6
    Download the Text Version of this Course
    • All in One Work Book

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